A downloadable game for Windows

This game game is a part of a giant game called "Teachers as beavers" combining video games, a boardgame and a life size role playing game !

In our game, manage your resources in a limited time to build bridges and help your baby castors to cross the river and bring you gold !

But, be carefull about the water elementaries, which will make you loose gold ! Dynamite your brige before they succeed to cross it !

\\You can launch the game without enter a password and press the play button. Password used to be obtain during the boardgame phase. //

Our team :

Thibault Dakeyo

Camille Decressain

Kiyan Forestier

Tanguy Gallard

Rémi Glénisson

Thomas Rousseau

Elie Tommasi

Thibault Vincent


CastorBuilders.zip 39 MB


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This seems like an interesting game. However, I wonder if it requires knowledge of the full game, since you'd need to enter a password for the game to begin. I would also like to tell that this interesting idea of combining multiple games into one would fit very well to our yearly contest for indie games!

Thanks for your interest and your comment !

You don't require knowledge of the full game to understand, play and (may) enjoy our video game. But it should be necessary to understand the whole experience we tried to create through the combination of multiple types of game. I correct it in the description, passwords were used during the boardgame phase, players could obtain some, usable in our game, giving them bonus/penalty, but you can play the game without enter a password.

Ah, okay - I'll have another look at it then.